Historical & Architectural

Historical & Architectural

Preserve and Protect our Nation’s Heritage

Preserve & Protect

We provide the tools, services and standards for preserving &
restoring historical buildings that historic property owners, preservation
professionals and organizations, and government agencies at all levels need in order to preserve our nation’s historical assets:

  • Interior / Exterior Building Surface Restoration & Finishing
  • History Architecture
  • Status / Monuments
  • Wood Restoration


Checker Cab Building Detroit, MIchigan

Wood Restoration & Architectural Surface Cleaning

Monumental Statue "Summer Night Tree" JACKSON, MICHIGAN




It's the real deal! Never have I seen paint, powder coating and even chrome get stripped as fast as it did.
Dow Chemical
Shawn Chen
Blast Off Is Definatley The Next Big Thing In The Restoration Industry.
J.J Cainet & Associates
John Cainet
I Cant Believe my eyes, This is something from outerspace.
Starbow International
 Chang Xing
our Company is more than impressed. Highly Reccomended!
Cherish Harvesting Co.
Joannae Schenmit
The Effieciency Of Their Process, And Quality Of Work Is Unbelievable.
7 Group International
Hans Shunk


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